Da Chief Long sleeve

Da Chief Long sleeve

Unisex White Long Sleeve
Great for tossing around the pigskin in the fall or for layering in the winter, this long sleeve should have a place in every closet . The heavyweight fabric makes this item a versatile must-own for every season — it’s not too light for chilly days, and not too heavy for the warmer ones — it’s just right.
100% cotton | Fabric Weight: 5 oz (heavyweight)
Double-stitched collar and waist
Reinforced shoulder construction maintains shape after repeated washings
Ribbed collar and cuffs
Imported; processed and printed in the U.S.A.
Color: White/ Black Flex Print (smooth), 11.9 inch x 12.0 inch Design.

A tribal chief is the leader of a tribal society or chiefdom. Tribal societies with social stratification under a single (or dual) leader emerged and conquer many lands. We take pride and continue to strive for greatness like a Chief would do for his people.

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